Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Ball valves supplied by MED are durable and superior, including cast steel ball valves, fully weld ball valves, top entry ball valves, high temperature ball valves, cryogenic ball valves and three way ball valves.

The application of ball valves is very extensive, with the number of related products being continuing to expand. And they have played an important role in petroleum, chemical, electric power, water conservancy, urban construction and other fields nowadays.

With fire-safe, anti-static and blow-out proof features, ball valves are generally used in pipelines to cut off and adjust the use of media, which are capable of flexibly switching off and distributing media, and changing their flow directions. The sealing surface of a ball valve is usually in a closed state with the sphere, so it is not easy to be eroded by the medium. Ball valves are easy to operate with a simple and compact structure and can be widely applied in some special working conditions with water, natural gas, acid, solvent and so on.

Cast steel ball valves are a series of ball valve products with many types, having a very wide range of applications in petroleum, long-distance pipeline, chemical, electric power and other industries. They are mainly used in pipelines to cut off, distribute and change the flow directions of media. With a cast steel body, this type of ball valve can be quickly opened and closed by manually rotating the handle 90 degrees. Simple structure, good sealing, relatively small volume and driving torque, and being easy to make open-close operation are all the characteristic features of them. What's more, cast steel ball valves are not only suitable for water, solvent, acid, natural gas and other general media, but also proper for poor conditions, like hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.

Product Feature: Cast Steel.
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel.
Normal Diameter: 2 - 60 Inch (DN50 - DN1500).
End Connection: BW, RF Flanged.
Pressure Range: 150 - 2500 LB (PN16 - PN420).
Operation: Lever, Gearbox, Electric, Pneumatic, Electro-Hydraulic Actuator, Gas-Over-Oil Actuator.
Working Temperature: -46℃ - +200℃.

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