Fully Welded Ball Valve

API 6D Fully Welded Ball Valve, 1/2-16 Inch, 150-900 LB

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Fully Welded Ball Valve

Design Features

·Seamless Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Body
All welded ball valve body is compact and streamlines for maximum strength and minimum weight.
·Stainless Steel Ball
The stainless steel ball is produced to extremely tight tolerances and ground to within microns of perfect roundness to assure smooth operations and a tight seal.
·Optional Locking Device with Position Indicator
An instantly readable locking device that shows the valve operating position.
·Stem Bearings
These bearings are produced from an electrically conductive material that provides a safety grounded stem to eliminate static build-up and potential arcing.
·Seat Seals
The special 25% carbonized PTFE (Teflon) (G-453) seals tightly, yet allows easy, low-torque and quarter-turn operation.
·Stainless Labels
Every label is permanently stamped, color-coded with traceable serial numbers for each valve.
·Seat Quality Features
Do not absorb water, and do not expand chemical resistance. 
High friction characteristics. 
Good temperature stability. 
Tested and approved up to 250℃.

General Features
·Double Block and Bleed
·Standards to EN 12516, DIN 3357-1
·Fire Safe, Anti-static, Stem Blow-out
·Optional Locking Device and Position Indicator
·Size Ranges: 1/2 - 16 Inch (DN15 - DN400)
·Pressure Ratings: ASME Class 150 - Class 900 (PN10 - PN150)
·Standard Materials Ranges: Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, etc

MED offers fully welded ball valve covering which is not limited to
-Welded Ends Full Welded Ball Valve
-Flanged Ends Full Welded Ball Valve
-Fully Welded Ball Valve with Stem Extension for Buried Service






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