Forged Gate Valve

ASTM A182 F304 Gate Valve, 1/2-2 Inch, Class 150-2500 LB

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Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Med Stainless Steel Gate Valve are designed and manufactured strictly to International Standards API 602, ASME B16.34, DIN 3202 or Equivalent, a compact but extremely sturdy design for high pressure-temperature service, Solid CoCr alloy wedge (optional) ensures low friction and long service life, packing rings are precompressed to 4000 psi to provide a high integrity seal, for welded bonnet valves, the bonnet is threaded in and torqued to an engineered torque value and the body bonnet joint is strength-welded, offering double protection against leakage. (Body/bonnet threads and strength-weld), fully guided wedge reduces wear on seating surfaces, Optional design available with double packing, leak-off connection, live-loading and a packing blowout for easy removal of old packing.

Med Stainless Steel Gate Valve are with main Features as below:
Size Ranges: 1/2-2 Inch.
Pressure Ratings: ANSI Class 150-2500 LB.
Standards compliance: API 602, ASME B16.34, DIN 3202 or equivalents.
Materials: ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A182 F304L, ASTM A182 F316L, ASTM A182 F51.
Ends Connections: Screwed, Welded Ends and Flanged (FF, RF, RTJ) to international standards.
OS & Y, Outside Stem and Yoke.
Metal-sealed (API Trim CL1, CL5, CL8, CL10 and etc.).
Optional Locking Device or Stem Extension.
Optional Bolted Bonnet, Welded Bonnet or Pressure Sealed Bonnet.
Optional Direct Mounting to ISO 5211.
Full Bore or Reduce Port.






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